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The Most Easiest TGP Thumb Rotator Script Ever!

Really Simple TGP is an Easy & Ready-To-Use Thumbs Rotator Script with Hall of Fame Feature
and it works like a perfect slave 24/7 without babysitting.

Slam RSTGP on your domain using the One-File install and import your galleries from your sponsors export fhg's list, from another TGP script or get your galleries from RSS Feeds and you´re done ;)

Once setted up it all runs on full auto-pilot and therefore the perfect tgp script for webmasters who wants to make some additional cash for their undeveloped domains with minimal efforts and, as sideeffect, RSTGP creates more value to the domains.

Let's do some simple maths: $8 (a domain) + 20 minutes (time to set your new TGP/MGP)
=> one of the best Return on Investment (ROI) in the adult industry !!!

So what are you waiting for - YouŽll hate yourself if you miss this out!!!

  • setup in less than 20 minutes
  • most clicked thumbs feature (Hall of Fame)
  • support of all thumb sizes
  • 3 premade basic layouts (thumbs & hybrid)
  • support for any trade scripts
  • easy galleries importer
  • works with RSS feeds, in auto-pilot
  • auto-managing mode
  • productivity enhancer by encrypted urls
  • SEO friendly urls, target your keywords
  • table-less layouts
  • no cronjobs needed
  • no mySQL database needed
  • no Zend Engine required
  • no complicated template system
  • really simple ...yes, it is!

* skim 3% of clicks per install, recip to on your index required

no-skim version
Remember :
  • You can use RSTGP on Unlimited Domains you own!