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Here's the RSTGP Tutorial to Get Ready in Minutes!   STEP BY STEP REALLY SIMPLE TGP TUTORIAL :

STEP 1... Installing The Script

     Very first step : After de-zipping the rstgp install, please read the RSTGP_README.txt file.
That will help you to understand the basics and to know that this script should be really easy to setup ;)

Once the install file uploaded on your domain, I will assume that you will read all instructions that you get on the screen when loading the rstgp_install.php file...
(i see sometimes weird and absurd install paths/keywords and I'm 100% sure that those guys didn't paid attention to instructions.. so please, be smart and read, don't make me laugh )

That said, this first step is no more complicated.

If you want to get an idea about wich keywords you could use, based on your domain name and your niche, i can recommend you to check this website : Keyword Discovery.
This site may help you in finding the right keywords and the most searched words related to your site niche.

STEP 2... Importing Your Galleries

     This step can be the most time-consuming, as it really depends on if you already have your own galleries ready to import or if you have to find your galleries...

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First thing is to click on the rstgp menu tab "Import Galleries".

Once there, you will see three blocks... i will show how to work with the first one here : "RSTGP Galleries Importer".
so, importing your galleries, and there's 3 cases :

  • A. You will use sponsor's provided thumbs from their export fhg's tool :
    some sponsors can provides already-made thumbs to use for their free hosted galleries. I will take here one example of a sponsor doing so, Crak Cash, and on the Ad Tools - Hosted Galleries - Dump List, you can make a dump list ( ( mouseover here to see an example! )
  • B. you will use a list of galleries from your SmartThumbs, TGPX, Comus running sites :
    just export your list of galleries in this format : url_gallery|thumbnail|description . before importing this list in RSTGP, be sure to edit that list to make the thumbnails an url ( like : )
  • C. You have all your thumbs and galleries link on your pc :
    upload all your thumbnails in a newly created folder on your site and import your list like that : url_gallery|thumb_path/thumbnail#.jpg|description

So now, let's paste your gallery list and choose the options you want
That step is done !

STEP 3... Setting Up The Script

     Now that you have your galleries imported, you will need to fix the simple RSTGP settings...
Click on the RSTGP menu tab : "RSTGP Settings"

There, you will fix your thumbs size, choose your index layout and set your site informations (title, desc, keywords). Based on your thumbs size, fix the site layout width as well as the number of thumbs per blocks. Also, if you want to trade traffic, you can set the trade link syntax and the webmaster signup page. ( but most of the time, you finish setting up your site before installing a tradescript and settings these informations. )

[ Don't forget to always read the ? through all RSTGP script admin for more informations...]

Once this step done : you already have your TGP ready!!!

STEP 4... Completing The Setup And Personalization

     What's missing now is some customization and personalization of your site. You will see there's already a simple layout ( background-image in the header and light blue background color, links colors, etc...), so you may want to go with it but in other hand, using your very own colors and layout design is always better. It gives more impact in your site attractiveness and could bring you more results, as your changes may fit your niche better for example.

You can work this out by going in the menu : "Edit style.css" and making your slight changes there.

Remember that you will also have to fill your 'thumbs blocks' spaces between. Click on the menu tab : "Edit ad blocks" and choose some niche banners for paysites your are promoting.

The last thing you may want to edit are the toplists : if you plan on trading traffic, hence installing a trade script, then you will have to edit those default toplists gave as examples to you through the menu tab : "Edit toplists". If you don't want to trade traffic of have other plan, than you can remove completely those toplists that you will find references in your ad blocks and in your index.

This step is done.. or almost! It's, in my personal experience, probably the most time-consuming when you want to make a site looks different, as you make some headers, you play with the stylesheet, etc.. But the results are always better in the end and you get better and better after each new site you make!

STEP 5... How To Get Traffic To Your Site AND Trading Trafic

     That's problably the biggest part and the most wanted of all. All first steps was so easy and so simple that it was a pure joke ;) but now here comes the big one : getting traffic to your site and exchanging traffic ( trading traffic ) with other sites like yours!

You will need for that a good and simple trade script and this is what I recommend : Trade Pulse. This script will be installed easily and is a very good one, if not the best, and have plenty of nice features and options.

I will recommend you to read that script installation and HowTo manual in order to install and use it properly. It's a simple script but need basic knowledge for successfully trading traffic.

Once the script is installed, you will need to submit your toplists. Click on the menu tab : "Edit toplists" and edit your toplists accordingly to your tradescript toplists syntax ( refer to your trade scripts to learn how to ). Here's how the 4 toplists should look when using Trade Pulse : toplist 1, toplist 2, toplist 3, toplist 4
[ those toplists are the default ones, you are free to use them if you want ;) ]
Once edited, you have to submit your toplists in TradePulse, so the trade script will be able to update them hourly with your traders, etc. In your Trade Pulse admin panel, Go in : Tools -> Toplists -> Add new template.. select "Input by" -> File and then put the correct path. Hope that helps!

Now that everything is done : your RSTGP site and your Trade Script installed and ready, you need to find partners and other sites to trade with, but also some traffic to begin, if you don't want to wait until the search engines like google,yahoo and bing find you.

don't forget to join the RSTGP Support Forum to get more help and answers to your questions.
Join the RSTGP forum here!

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Remember :
  • You can use RSTGP on Unlimited Domains you own!